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About the company and its leaders.

Who are we ?

We are BLOOM PPM, an innovative lyonese IT Consultancy.

Our main work revolves around Planisware services, DevOps solutions as well as business and infrastructure development. Although our work involves creating several IT and business solutions, we regard our mission not as developing software, but making people blossom. This might include several things. For instance migratring your Planisware installation to the newest version, creating new datalinks for your DevOps operations or training your users. Above all we want you and your employees to be able to take charge by working together. Most importantly sharing our knowledge and practices to challenge the status quo.

In short, we are a bunch of creative minds, ready to tackle every problem ahead to make our projects – and also yours – bloom.

About Our Leaders

about Thibault Gonin

Thibault Gonin


About Laurent Sallerin

Laurent Sallerin



Our mission is to bring the best of PPM solutions to our customers and make sure that it supports effectively their business processes. In other words get all benefits of PPM solutions (for project management, risk management, resource management, portfolio management…). Likewise we handle the IT complexity and support you, according to your current challenge (implementation, coaching, training, PMO…).

At Bloom PPM, our services rely on a wide expertise on PPM tools, practices and IT integration, leveraged by committed and service minded team.

In the same time we believe that to make our customers happy with our services we need to constantly work on people progress and the development of their problem-solving skills. This is the best way to bring you innovation and concrete solutions to your business stakes.

Moving fast is also key to face your business changes. This is why we are constantly improving our services to deliver you fast and high-quality services at a great value. Let’s bloom your business with Bloom PPM!


Thibault Gonin and Laurent Sallerin