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Planisware Enterprise

May it be migrating to the newest Planisware version, creating new features or building a training campaign to enable your employees to use the system, we are there to help you on every step of your journey.


DevOps has become one of the most valuable competences in the software industry. We help to automate your delivery pipelines and improve the communication of your systems.

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Planisware Orchestra

Besides maintaining it, we conduct Planisware Orchestra workshops to customize the software according to your needs.


As of now most of our services are related to migrating, maintaining and developing Planisware Enterprise for our customers.                Through our Expertise of Planisware Enterprise, we are capable of supporting you from specifying your needs to testing the environment and training your users.


Migration Services

Bloom PPM has been a part of multiple migration projects, specifically from P5 to V6. Depending on your needs, we update the whole system, confirm existing datalinks and train your employees to use the system.



Although we recommend staying as close as possible to out-of-the-box configuration, to fulfill your needs we will customize data for your system and implement new features like Activetab or PEX.



Automating delivery pipelines

DevOps application has become a necessity to ensure a steady continuous delivery pipeline with low lead times for fast releases.

Implementing rapid recovery

Through fast detection of errors in the system architecture and continuously improving its framework, a sustainable system can be built.

Improving processes

Through continuously reevaluating our ways of working and a focus on actual needs, we manage to relentlessly improve processes

User Management

Automating user management and creation can significantly reduce lead times as well as flow through the system

Planisware Orchestra


Planisware Orchestra is a PPM tool for middle-sized companies planning to get a clearer vision of their portfolio. Through its tools, it enables collaboration within your teams, speeds up reporting and more accurate ressource allocation.

To implement the software, we conduct 2 week workshops with you in which we specify your needs within the new tool, configure Orchestra accordingly and train your users in its use.