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PPM Solutions

Planisware Enterprise or Orchestra integration/migration with a wide expertise from infrastructure to your business processes using DEVOPS principles. Auditing your existing implementations to get you throught the change management and business process analysis

Security & Compliance

Setting up your infrastructure with high regards for long term security, with consultants trained in GDPR and security guidelines. Going throught your project with our highly secure internals infrastructures and the possibility to anonymized your data.

Project Management

Scheduling, steering and coordination of your projects. We can help you in diverse project management methodologies (Waterfall, Stage and Gate, Scrum, SAFE Agile) assisting in any part of the implementation roadmap. All your PMO activities will not be a problem anymore, from Resource management to design and management of portfolio KPIs we are here for your bussiness value.

PPM Solutions

planisware circle

Planisware Enterprise




orchestra circles

Planisware Orchestra


Security and Compliance

GDPR Compliance


Project Management


PMO (project oriented)

SCMC (site oriented)